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I think it is safe to say we are all aware of having a digestive system, and that this system serves to break down food and assimilate nutrients to keep us going. Let’s take a closer look at some of the more interesting ways the digestive system gets it’s job done to keep us alive and nourished.   1. Random facts about the mouth: Without saliva, we would not be able to taste anything (yes, taste buds are responsible for your sense of taste, but without food being dissolved in saliva, the receptors on your tongue can’t detect food molecules. There are as many bacteria in the mouth as there are people on Earth. We produce about 37,854 litres of saliva during our lives – enough to fill two swimming pools.   2. You can digest food even while upside down! Food doesn’t need gravity to move through the digestive
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I have been reflecting on Gratitude. My husband Paul has taught me to enjoy exploring where words have come from, their etymology. Gratitude: “before 1447 meant good will; later on it came to mean grace or favor.” It derives from the Latin Thankfulness: “The meaning of Thankfulness is first recorded in English in 1565.” Isn’t it odd that we have put a beginning date on knowing gratitude? I’d like to think this attitude has been with us for eons. Just look at the spectacular uniqueness of this phenomenal planet we call Home, Earth! Can you believe that we have been given the grace to be in it’s evolution? Yes, I believe that we can affect the growth of our world by “being” integrity, accountability, and gratitude. And let’s not forget love! I ask, how can I live more consciously? I always find myself coming back to the basics. First, we
Just before intending to send you the following blog last week, I not only had wrist surgery after a hard fall, but also, our colonic equipment broke! My wrist and device are both requiring a few weeks to repair and upgrade. I’m aiming for October 25, 2018 as our re-opening date. What kind of meaning can I give to these events? Certainly, I am being asked to STOP and surrender, to let go of the control illusion. I guess I’m so stubborn that it took both a physical AND a mechanical break to wake me up! To force a shift in consciousness. Healing prayers are welcome.I’ll keep you posted. Now back to the old, but-not-fake, news… After being supported by Bobbi Parish’s wonderful blog-writing over the last couple of years, I’d like to introduce you to Amy Mercury. She will be helping me to create new educational information for you.
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American’s love their coffee! In fact, statistics show that 64% of us have at least one cup of the brewed beverage every day. Although we have 21,400 coffee shops, the love affair isn’t limited to Americans. A staggering 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed internationally every year. Drinking coffee is known to have health benefits such as protecting against Type 2 Diabetes, Parkinson’s Disease and Liver Cancer. Did you know that there is another way you can consume coffee that has known health benefits? Coffee enemas, which can be done at home, have been used for thousands of years. Reference to them was found in the Dead Sea Scrolls and medical literature in the late !800’s and early !900’s. Over the years they have been shown to combat intestinal and liver issues as well as fight cancer and chemical sensitivities. Coffee enemas were made popular in the 1950’s by
Our next two blogs will be about ways you can support your gut health at home. Today we’re discussing Castor Oil packs. Next month we’ll be talking about coffee enemas. An Old Home Remedy: Castor Oil Packs Castor Oil has numerous healing properties. Some of you may remember as a child that your Mom forced it down your throat to relieve constipation. I was first introduced to it when I discovered Colon Hydrotherapy back in the ’70’s. Edgar Cayce, who was a famous 20th-century medical intuitive, would begin each of his healing protocols recommending castor oil packs, colonics, and dietary changes. He felt that detoxing was the place to start! Castor Oil has actually been a home remedy as far back as 1500 BC. Besides being used as a laxative, it can be applied topically to address a myriad of health and beauty issues. Here’s how the topical application of
My husband and I recently moved into a new home in a rural area. Right away I noticed water did not drain properly in the kitchen sink. I bought a bottle of drain cleaner, poured the entire bottle down the drain and let it sit overnight. In the morning I ran the faucet hoping that whatever was clogging the drain had been dislodged. All seemed well at first. However, after several days the problem returned. I immediately understood that a quick fix was not going to be the appropriate course of action. I needed to determine the underlying cause before attempting to find a solution. It was time to call in professional help. Often, we look for the quick fix to repair symptoms (the clogged drain), and in doing so we ignore addressing the root cause. When the plumber cleaned our drain, he found a large accumulation of grease, hair
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Olga Klein | Colon Hydrotherapist & Wellness Coach With delight I introduce you to Olga Klein, Colon Hydrotherapist and Wellness Coach, who is joining me to offer more hours and days of availability. She will be in the office Thursday through Saturday. Not only is Olga scheduling clients for Colon Hydrotherapy, but also for Wellness Coaching. What a wonderful blend of knowledge! Olga recently completed her Advanced Level Colon Hydrotherapy Certification through I-ACT with me as her Instructor. We first met over 10 years ago when Olga, working in a stressful corporate environment, developed constipation, digestive imbalance, and intense migraines. After the initial 3 sessions, Olga noticed that her migraines began to disappear, and her digestive function began to improve. Furthermore, she became better able to manage her stress as she experienced the connection between her emotional/physical well-being and her gut health. “That experience showed me how important it is
Entering my 39th year as a Colon Hydrotherapist, I am finally beginning to slow down. It has been a great journey! Now I am focusing more on what matters in my eldering years: returning to my love of art, taking long walks with my dog, spending as much time as possible with my husband Paul, and deepening my connection to Self and Soul. I’m becoming more selfish and taking better care of myself, just as I have encouraged you to do throughout the years. Colon Hydrotherapy continues to be one of my favorite ways for self-care. I was first introduced to this amazing therapy back in the 1970’s. I had moved to New York City to study art, yet found myself tangled up in the insanity of the place. Simply put, Colon Hydrotherapy saved my life by giving me a fresh start, a way to heal from unhealthy patterns. Little
Have you visited my website lately? Check it out! With the help of Bobbi and Heather, I have created a new Resources Page with LOTS of relevant information about colon hydrotherapy: Organizations These are the certifying agencies for Colon Hydrotherapy. They offer a wealth of information about my profession. I am primarily affiliated with I-ACT and NBCHT. Articles We have included only a few of the scientific papers written validating the safety and beneficial effects of colon hydrotherapy. My profession has been misunderstood and misrepresented for years. Perhaps because we deal with a part of the body most folks are embarrassed to discuss? I hope you’ll share these myth-busting reports with any doubting friends and practitioners. Books I have listed a few categories: gut bacteria, detox and cleansing programs, colon health and hydrotherapy. You’ll notice an increased interest in the connection between the gut and the brain. Science is finally catching
Information about food and its nutritional value is not always accurate. Health food fads and trends can burst into popularity without accompanying facts about the pros and cons of eating that food. It’s important that we know the facts, because what’s labeled as a health food by pop culture isn’t always good for us. Developing the habit of reading labels can assist you in making wise food choices. A good example of this is kombucha. This beverage, made by fermenting tea, became a health food fad in Western Culture two decades ago. It is touted as an abundant source of probiotics, given the live bacteria it contains. However, it is the fermentation process and resulting bacteria that also make it potentially unsafe to consume. Home-brewed Kombucha must be made and fermented in a carefully sterilized environment to assure the drink doesn’t contain bacteria harmful to the human digestive system. Kombucha
There has been an influx of research documenting the importance of having a balanced and healthy gut microbiome – the collection of bacteria that live within your intestinal system. This new research shows that it important to have more healthy than unhealthy bacteria.  Also, we need a wide variety of good bacteria. Not only does a balanced gut microbiome promote digestive health, but it also impacts brain, mental, and physical health. Understanding your gut and how it works is more important than ever. We’ve assembled a sampling of outstanding books about gut health to help educate you: Brain Maker: The Power of Gut Microbes to Heal and Protect Your Brain – For Life by David Perlmutter, MD with Kristin Loberg Dr. Perlmutter, a neurologist, considered one of the pre-eminent experts on the connection between the brain, nutrition and gut health. In Brain Maker he details the amazing link between the bacteria in your