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Have you visited my website lately? Check it out! With the help of Bobbi and Heather, I have created a new Resources Page with LOTS of relevant information about colon hydrotherapy:



These are the certifying agencies for Colon Hydrotherapy. They offer a wealth of information about my profession. I am primarily affiliated with I-ACT and NBCHT.



We have included only a few of the scientific papers written validating the safety and beneficial effects of colon hydrotherapy. My profession has been misunderstood and misrepresented for years. Perhaps because we deal with a part of the body most folks are embarrassed to discuss? I hope you’ll share these myth-busting reports with any doubting friends and practitioners.



I have listed a few categories: gut bacteria, detox and cleansing programs, colon health and hydrotherapy.

You’ll notice an increased interest in the connection between the gut and the brain. Science is finally catching up to my experience! I have observed the positive effects for 40 years. Folks usually report feeling calmer, clearer, focused, and more balanced after a session.

If you’re looking for books about detoxing or jump-starting your diet to support improved gut health, check out some of the cleansing programs listed. The colon health and hydrotherapy section offers a number of authors and books you may not have heard about but they are rich with information.

The concept of internal cleansing with water is not new. I added the last category of old books to give you an idea about the earlier thinking and devices invented from the 1900’s. Just looking at the pictures is a hoot!



These are only a few of the numerous sites that cover related topics.



These are some of the professionals with whom I work. My husband, Paul (with whom I offer workshops), talks more about the mind-body-soul connection on his website.


Films and Videos

Those listed here are only the beginning. There are new films and videos coming out every day with pertinent perspectives.


I hope that you will educate yourself and enjoy the increasing awareness about the value of my offering. The body’s ability to heal with water is so simple and profound at the same time!

Please contact me at or 860.287.4558 with your questions or to make an appointment.

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