Good Will and Gratitude

boy-with-butterfliesI have been reflecting on Gratitude. My husband Paul has taught me to enjoy exploring where words have come from, their etymology. Gratitude: “before 1447 meant good will; later on it came to mean grace or favor.” It derives from the Latin Thankfulness: “The meaning of Thankfulness is first recorded in English in 1565.” Isn’t it odd that we have put a beginning date on knowing gratitude? I’d like to think this attitude has been with us for eons. Just look at the spectacular uniqueness of this phenomenal planet we call Home, Earth! Can you believe that we have been given the grace to be in it’s evolution? Yes, I believe that we can affect the growth of our world by “being” integrity, accountability, and gratitude. And let’s not forget love! I ask, how can I live more consciously? I always find myself coming back to the basics. First, we must nurture ourselves by attending to our health on all levels: not only physically, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Think of it as preparing yourself to embody it all.

I offer you my support in taking your next step: Colon Hydrotherapy is a remarkable tool for “jump starting”your renewed sense of well-being. After 40 years, I still receive colonics regularly and love the way I feel afterwards. Clarity. Think of it as an inspiration. Imagine your belly being refreshed in the internal spa of gentle water flowing in and out like a tide. Swami Muktananda said to me in support of my work many years ago: “Water is a conductor of Light.” Infusing water into the lower 2 chakras brings the Light, which starts the healing on all levels. Colon Hydrotherapy brings me back to this tangible awareness.

Yes, I am back in practice. My fractured wrist is mending well, our equipment has been overhauled, and the water heater upgraded. I am available Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Olga is available Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, as well as early mornings on the other days. (I am beginning my days a little later so I have time for my own self-care.)

Thank you for believing in me and what I have to offer through colon hydrotherapy. This practice can give you so much more than a simple cleansing. And just that is okay too! We can meet you wherever you are. Meanwhile, I invite you to extend your good will and shine your inner Light.

With Love and Light,

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